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WeMindYou App - Emotional Well-Being of Kids during Covid-19

A digital workflow app to identify Emotional Well-Being of Kids through facial analysis & psych questionnaire, empower them with meditation/yoga techniques & verify improvement using neural correlates

First place (US $35,000) – RKM MediaLab with WeMindYou App

COVID-19 lockdowns in India have taken a significant emotional toll on the more than 40 million children who come from poor, rural families. To address this need, RKM Media Lab collaborated with Ramakrishna Math to create a pilot program to gauge the emotional wellbeing of underprivileged children.

The solution uses questionnaires and facial analysis to empower these children with body-mind training techniques such as meditation or yoga, and to send detailed reports and analysis on the children’s emotional states using facial recognition and EEG technology to help rural community coordinators effectively manage the program. The team leverages multiple Quick Base features such as forms, summary fields, dashboards and mobile, and extend the platform with advanced tools.


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Video 01: WeMindYou App - Emotional Well-Being of Kids during Covid-19 Lockdown

Video 02: Quickbase Judges Announce WeMindYou App as the 1st Place Winner

WeMindYou App provides a digital workflow to identify the Emotional Well-Being of children through facial analysis and a subjective psychological questionnaire, empower them with time-tested integrated body-mind training techniques like meditation/yoga and finally verify the improvement in their emotional well-being using neural correlates.

This app is intended for rural community coordinators who manage this well-being program for under-privileged children.

The App provides the following workflow

a) Registration of new children into this emotion well-being program
b) Filling-up of subjective questionnaire (Loneliness scale & Anxiety Scale)
c) Populating the facial emotion metrics into WeMindYou App derived from cloud emotion recognition app
d) Uploading Videos for training program and updating the training calendar
e) Populating the neural emotion metrics into WeMindYou App derived from Brain Computer Sensor
f) Provides detailed charts, reports and analytics for interactive visualization of various metrics
g) Maintain a tasklist update of the entire workflow using Kanban system